Meet Phil

Phil is the toy that has emerged as the  early favourite as my son, Hudson’s favourite toy.   Technically, Phil is not called Phil, but rather is better known by his formal name: Boy Monkey Rattle as made by the fine folks at blabla.  I gave Phil his common name on the day that I realized that he was Hudson’s favourite.  It just seemed so impersonal to call him “Boy Monkey Rattle”.    

Phil goes everywhere with Hudson.  He is the only toy that leaves the crib so that means he is the only toy to get both daytime and nighttime attention.  He is small enough that he easily fits in a diaper bag and he snugs in tight when Hudson is in the stroller muff for walks.

I never put much thought into where Phil came from until recently.  This week, one of our dogs grabbed Phil and had her way with him.  Poor Phil was traumatized, literally.  The rattle in his head fractured and would never rattle again.

My wife contacted blabla and regaled them with the tales of Phil and Hudson.  Immediately on hearing about Phil’s misfortune, they offered to send Hudson a replacement Phil.

I was really impressed with this level of customer service.  It's perfect!  There is nothing that is more important to me than hearing the laughter of my 7-month old son.  I like this brand. I like what they are trying to accomplish and it makes me want to be part of it.   

Well done blabla.  It looks like you've earned a fan and brand champion.