Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #4)

Rain.  We woke up to rain.  What ever happened to our clear, starry sky??

Todd let us sleep in.  Really, what was there to  get up for ?  Rain ?  Cold, dreary rain.  There was vertical rain.  Horizontal  rain.  Diagonal rain.  Rain in waves.  Rain in sheets.  Huge down pours.  Little  mists.  It even stopped raining for short periods, then it would start up  again.  There was thunder, but we saw no lightning.  Just cold, wet, wetter,  wettest rain.

We moved the  clothes line next to the fire.  A lot of the clothing had been semi-dry, but no  more.  Dave spent most of his day cooking clothes over the fire making them dry  ...drier.

Dave had spit his  pants.  Too much muscle ?  Todd spent a good portion of his day sewing up Dave's  pants.  After seeing Todd's sewing job, I was looking forward to cutting myself,  so Todd could sew me up.

Carl spent his day in Dave's tent.

I  gathered firewood.  We had gotten most of the dry wood the day before, so a lot of what I got was marginal.

Afternoon naps all around.  I slept well despite my sleeping bag even wetter than before.

A cool,  but drier evening. 

What a  wasted day,