Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #6)

Woke up to a clear, sunny day - wow !!  There was a light breeze from the north, but nothing like the northerly gales we have been experiencing.  TODAY we make miles.

The usual Boulder fields.  The usual picking our way through ...looking for water.  The usual dragging the canoes over the rocks from time to time, but still, we were doing good.

We came across the Warning sign for the  Thunderhouse Falls portage and eventually the Portage itself.  The Portage was a  little rough, but doable.  So, we carried our personal gear to the Primary campsite.  Dave read to us from the Portage Guest book while we waited for Carl to catch up.  {People said there was great fishing ?? - we had no water in which to fish.  People had been there in January - ARE THEY CRAZY !!}  We checked out the Campsite - it was BEAUTIFUL !!  It was like someone's garden.  Benches around the camp fire.  Stone tables.  Wow !!  This was the best Provincial Park campsite I had ever seen in my life.

We checked out the Thunderhouse Falls - it was BEAUTIFUL !!  A series of three falls through a narrow, twisting canyon.  Just gorgeous.  We decided to stay.  Apparently, this was Todd's plan all along.  Dave and I had thought that we would only stay at the Falls for lunch, then move on, but it was just too beautiful not to stay and enjoy it.  A 10 km day - 8 in the water plus 2 by portage.

Set up camp and the  Clothes line - most of the Laundry actually got dry.  I finally had a DRY  sleeping bag !!  We explored.  Todd took videos.  And we eventually moved over the canoes.

Early evening four young men, early 20's, came through.  The first people we had seen in five days.  They had canoed almost to the Falls, broke through the bush, then took the Portage to the next Campsite(there were three Sites).  They had knocked  1.5 km off the Portage - that took balls !!

Later that evening, a couple from Atlkokan dropped by the Site - more people !!  They were full of information - some of it useful.  They were inheriting the local trap line from Fred who is 79, so for the past eleven years, they have been coming here to maintain the area.  They were responsible for our beautiful Campsite.  They had only seen the water this low once before, gave us insight into the rest of the River, and an early out -  Moose River Crossing.  THERE IS NO WAY, we are going to take an early out!!

A clear, a little busy,  slightly crowded night.  Looking forward to a dry sleeping bag.