Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #8)

Woke up to rain and a thunderstorm chaser.  I am beginning to sense a pattern.  NOT going to make milesAGAINtoday.  Between the heavy rain and the canoes being at the beginning of the portage, it was looking like we would be lucky to get the canoes moved this day.

It did stop raining by late morning.  Before we could go get the canoes, Todd had promised he would check in on the satellite phone.  The problem was we got the discount phone and the very discount service.  After several attempts and several dropped calls, Todd finally got through to the service and retrieved the messages.  Todd walked over to me and said you had a message from Micah but the call got dropped and you will have to wait until the next Satellite.  I was instantly ill with worry.  I had told everyone not to call because there was absolutely nothing I could do about it good or bad - so DO NOT call.  But what was so awful that Micah would feel compelled to call?  God, I was ill.  Dave and Todd tried to talk me down ...or up ...but it did not help.  LONGEST TWENTY MINUTES OF MY LIFE.  Finally, Todd got through, worked the phone voodoo to retrieve the messages, then held the phone up to my ear.  I do not know why Todd held the phone to my ear?  I listened, then gave the phone back to Todd.  I said, "I do not know a Kim and I do not have an infant son ...does anyone here?"  No one.  We assumed the message was for the previous renters.  WHAT A RELIEF !!

Off for the canoes.  The Sun was now out, and it was hot, and humid, and breathless between these two walls of green.  The portage was now wetter and muddier than the day before(not that I am complaining), though I had not thought it was possible.  2.8 km through the water, mud, fallen trees, and two wash-outs down steep embankments - fun.  We did a three man carry up the first hill with both canoes, then they left me alone with my canoe.  I got about 100 meters dragging my canoe through the mud, rocks, and roots before they sent Todd back to deal with the crazy person - me. 

It was mid afternoon before we got the canoes in the water, had lunch, and packed up.  We knew we were not going far, but we did want to make a few miles.  We were saying good bye to our last portage, also to the Canadian Shield.  The terrain changed.  Almost no more bed rock.  From now on, it was boulders, rocks, gravel, and sand.  The River changed too.  Now there were pools of water, some of them a kilometre or more long ...and fish.

Todd and Carl dumped their canoe - that's two.  Though Dave and I still held the record at five.  The "granny method" was keeping Dave and I relatively dry, though we did jump in to help Todd and Carl.

Found a Site.  Hung our wet belongings ...again.  Dave caught two fish - very nice.  Great supper, then a night of light rain, cooking socks, and mosquitoes.  Feels like home