Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #5)

Woke up to non-rain.  Yes, actual sunshine.  Maybe today we will make some miles.

We were packed up and about to load the canoes, I went back to the Campsite to do the final walk-around and to pick up any odds and ends.  There sitting on his unfolded sleeping bag was Carl, surrounded by all his belongings, picking his toes or something ...only in Carl world.  We were ready to get on the River and here is  Carl picking his toes NOT packed !!  FUCK !!  I found out that Todd was frustrated by Carl too.

A mixture of sun and cloud, and cool, but the main factor was the wind.  The wind was very strong and from the north.  So strong that at one point waves were coming in the boat.  Plus, the canoes are keel-less and easily turned by the wind.  It was going to be a workout and an interesting day.  Also, my first day as a pirate.

Boulder fields were the theme of the day.  Another day of searching for water.  Dave and  I agreed to play it safe - the Granny method for running the swifts.  We walked any chute that looked like trouble.  It worked.  We spent most of the day in the canoe on top of the water rather than under it.  Also, a huge sand bar that we dragged the canoes over.  In all, a safe and productive day.

We found a giant Campsite that seemed unfinished.  Felled trees everywhere, and dry.  It was like a forest fire waiting to happen.  We were careful with the camp fire that night.

A clear, cool night.