Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #10)

Sunshine ?  This was novel.  The Sunshine and a breeze from the south !!  The prophecies were beginning to come true.  A day for miles.

Also, a day to duct tape my Pirate hat.  The southern breeze was causing my bandana to flip forward exposing my shiny metal head.  So, the logical solution to all problems - duct tape.  Or we could have just duct taped my head.

We were loaded up and just about ready to go when Carl showed up dressed like Katherine Hepburn in the movie "African Queen".  I swear.  I tried not to stare.

A quiet uneventful day.  We all managed to stay in the canoes, so "dryness" was the word of the day.  Dave caught a couple of fish for our lunch, but none for our supper.  In fact, that was the end of our fish meals - a sad, sad day in our trip.  Fish were still jumping around us, but they were not jumping into our canoes ...shame.  I saw what I though was a log caught in a shallow, but when we approached it - it took off in a flash !!  A muskie.  My god that was a BIG FISH !!

Todd had managed not to turn on the GPS all day.  Todd wanted to be surprised by our excellent mileage ...30 km.  Todd was disappointed.  He was hoping for 35 or more.  The rest of us were happy and ready to stop.

Apparently, we had passed a Park campsite about an hour back, but Todd and Katherine wanted to make miles, so they did not tell Dave and I.  Now the search was on for a site, especially since the Sun was approaching the trees.  We found a gravel bar with several mini sand dunes - it was Dave approved.  We levelled out two dunes big enough for each tent with the paddles and setup for the night.

Dave and I went for firewood across the River, over filling the canoe.  It was going to be a great night for a campfire.  I also attempted to bathe, but the cloud of huge vicious horseflies had grown over the past couple of days and they went into a feeding frenzy at the sight of wet skin.  That eliminated any incentive to bathe.  Exit the horseflies ...enter the mosquitoes.  I was about to give up on the campfire when a squadron of dragonflies came to Dave's and my rescue.  The dragonflies thinned out the mosquitoes very effectively.  Several of the dragonflies bumped into me while pursuing the mosquitoes, I had a hard time resisting the urge to swat the dragonflies.  Mosquitoes gone ...the dragonflies left.  The dragonflies gone ...the mosquitoes returned.  DAMN !!

Another early night.