Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #9)

Dave was up first, trying to catch us some breakfast - no luck, unfortunately.  I believe this was the only morning, Todd was not up first.  Though Carl managed to maintain his "always up LAST" record.

A wet, grey morning, though the rain did hold off until we were in the canoes, then light rain on and off for most of the day.  Despite the rain, it was a very comfortable warm, calm day.  So calm in fact, it was like canoeing on a mirror.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.  Dave and I went long periods of time without speaking - we were awe struck.  Besides, we ran out of words to describe how beautiful it was.

Without the sunlight, the rocks lay hidden in the black water.  We hit every rock we could find.  Yet, we managed to stay in the canoes.  I am beginning to like this "new" dry canoeing thing.

We got to see two moose wander down to the River from a gravel bar about a kilometre away.  We watched them through a monocular.  (Both binoculars had been filled with water.  Only one side of one binocular was functioning.)  The moose was the only large wildlife we got to see.  The lack of large wildlife was disappointing.  We saw tracks and droppings every day, but no animals.  We saw endless amounts of water fowl. Lots of bald eagles - more eagles in a single day than I had ever seen in the rest of my life.  A few beavers, a non-shy rabbit, chipmunks and squirrels, but no large animals ...shame.

Dave caught us fish for both lunch and dinner.  Dave was our hero.  In fact, Dave caught his afternoon limit in three minutes.  The fish were leaping out of the water.  Actually clearing the surface of the water by a foot like little dolphins.  One fish tried to take Dave's line while it was above the water by a couple of feet as Dave was looking for bait.  Wow !!

Found a Site. Setup the clothes line ...why?  I was about to drink from my water bottle when I noticed a small black stick on the bottle.  I tried to wipe it off, but the stick was on the inside of my bottle.  I drank down about an inch of water hoping to have access to the stick, but when the water level dropped the stick began to crawl looking for water.  The stick was a leach.  I reached inside with a finger, got a hold on the leach, then flicked it into the bush.  I drank the rest of the bottle right then.  Warm, beige, river/leach water is the best.

Carl was in bed first always.  Carl left all his things out on the open ground in a large circle.  Dave, the enabler, went around gathering all of Carl's things, then putting them nicely under the Tarp.  Dave, Dave, Dave.  Though I am no better.  Once it began to rain, I put Carl's raincoat under the Tarp too.

The rain ended the evening.  In fact, it rained so hard, it put out the campfire - not easy.

Yet another early night.