Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #15)

Woke to Todd standing over me with hot coffee.  It was both nice and a little disturbing.  (I am not sure how long Todd had been standing there.)

After a short conversation, I got up and dressed, then we headed down stairs for our "hotel continental breakfast".  Todd had eaten.  Todd had also properly tied down the canoes, and changed the oil and rotated the tires on the Van.  I think Todd was a little anxious to go.  The hotel had little packets of gruel, but I decided on fresh fruit salad and a toasted bagel.  Todd surfed porn on the hotel computer while I ate.  (Actually, Todd wrote to the family.)

Now 08:30 and Todd was REALLY chomping at the bit, so we went to wake Dave and Carl.  I knocked and waited, then knocked again and waited, then I pounded on their door.  My hard work produced a sleepy, staggering, bed headed Dave - not pretty.  We checked out after Dave and Carl ate - NOT gruel.

On the road, heading south and home.  Less than a kilometre out of town, a trucker heading north put nine of his eighteen wheels in our lane forcing me to swerve to avoid being killed.  Other than that one trucker, it was a pretty uneventful ride home.  Passed the same Americans four or five times on the Hwy.  A little construction here and there.  Managed not to kill any more wild life.

We stopped at New Liskeard for lunch.  Todd was having pizza withdrawal.  Carl was NOT hungry, he was only going to have a drink.  I am not sure when it happened may have been the sight of the food ...or the smell ...or maybe when he found out I was buying ...but Carl got his appetite back ...with a vengeance !!  For a while, it was quite dangerous to get between Carl and the food.  We even put the leftovers next to Carl in the Van - just in case.

"Pizza Hut, a fine restaurant.  Yes, it is."

Managed to get Dave and Carl home to Garson safely.  Manly handshakes all around, then off to New Sudbury.  Dropped Todd off and all his smelly gear.  Wife Tammy was delighted.  (I suggested that she burn most of it.)  Another manly handshake, then home.  Vanna and I were happy to be here.

For the past several years, I have vacationed alone.  After going on vacation with three others, I need to express my thankfulness:

  • To Todd, who did 99.9% of the pre-trip prep work.  There would not have been a canoe trip without your hard work.  Also your hard work during the trip(for example 27 cooked meals - some of them not gruel)  and your patience - mostly for my snoring.  CORRECTION:  Todd - Also your hard work during the trip 40 cooked meals - some of them not gruel)
  • To Dave, for carrying more than your share and looking good while doing it.  And for your patience while spending half our time waist deep in the River.
  • To Carl, for making me look good.
  • To our corporate sponsor (some un-named mining company) - for making our lives a little easier, a little more comfortable, and a little cheaper.
  • To Global Climate change, for the lack of snow and rain exposing every rock in the River, which allowed us to greet and enjoy each and every one of them.
  • To Ontario Hydro, for NOT building any fucking hydro dams on the Missinaibi River.