Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #14)

Woke to partial sun.  Whewhoo - PARTIAL !!  I also woke to coffee and pancakes.  Todd had taken mercy on our souls and made pancakes instead of gruel.  Bless you Todd.

Yes, I know oatmeal is good for you.  Lowers your cholesterol.  Is full of fibre and calories.  Makes you better looking(just ask Dave).  Improves your sex drive, but for the love of god there are only so many times a man can eat PORRIDGE in two weeks !!

On the water around 9ish.  Yes, yet another attempt at an early morning.  The Sun was out full and was blinding on the near calm water.

The Moose was dry too.  A lot of work ...guess work went into selecting passable channels.  A few dry swifts ...a couple of drag overs, and a huge, gigantic sand bar in the middle of the River running parallel to the Banks.  For a River, this big - 100 metres across, to have a sand bar this big?  Maybe a kilometre long.  It was big enough for Disney to build a theme park on.

First, we saw the hydro tower.  Be calm.  Then finally around one bend ...the Bridge !! It was four kilometres away and I thought we were never going to get there.  A week ago, when we were at Thunderhouse Falls and the couple from Atikokan suggested the Moose River Crossing as an early out - I would not hear it.  I would not admit defeat.  I was determined that we paddle all the way to Moosonee ...but this day ...I was ready.  For the past couple of days, I was finding it hard to motivate myself to paddle past late afternoon.  A little trouble getting up in the morning.  (Though I did manage to get out of bed before Carl.)  I was done, and ready to go home.

Now the next hurdle was to get our gear up to the top of the tracks before the Train went by.  We paddled under the Bridge, just north of it, then into a quiet pool and dragged the canoes up onto the rocks.  There was no nice way to walk the gear up to the top, so we started hauling up the steep, loose gravel, half ass trail to the top stepping over the woman's panties.  (They must have some wild parties there in Moose River Crossing.)

We had gotten most of the gear up to a semi-large, flat area next to the Bridge.  An engineer from the construction crew, working on the Bridge, came by and told us that the Train would not stop on the Bridge, so we would have to move down the tracks to the "Station".  (Actually, just a step that had been painted white once.)  The Station seemed far away at this point.  He also suggested that we paddle into the Bay just below the Station - entrance down stream.  We looked - no Bay.  We looked down stream and all we saw was dry rock - no entrance.  This guy was crazy.

Dave had spotted a bay before we got to the Bridge, so we decided to go for it.  We ran down the hill to the canoes because we had little time before the Train arrived.  Carl was still asleep in the front of his canoe.  Back on the water and heading up stream.  If you ever thought it was hard paddling down stream in a dry swift - try paddling upstream in a dry swift ...not going to happen.  Dragging the canoes, Todd and I left Dave and Carl behind and found the Bay, but no trail.  In the mean time, Dave and Carl had taken the ATV trail to the top of the tracks half way to the Station.  So, we followed Dave's and Carl's lead.  Up to the top with the canoe, then went back to the River for a few leftovers.  On our way back to the Tracks, Dave was yelling the Train was coming.  Now panic.  We race to the top, get to the other side of the tracks, and the Train stopped 10 meters from where we are standing.  The Train stopped at the Station.  Just enough time to change into a few dry clothes, then the Train stopped for us.  Load the gear and we are heading to Moosonee.

An hour later, we are in Moosonee.  Pay for the Canoes and our tickets from Moose River Crossing to Moosonee, but we will need to pay for the trip back to Cochrane on the Train.  Lunch.  The Bar was not serving food because of a broken exhaust fan  They had food, but no water.  I asked for ice water - no ice water just bottled water.  Asked for bottled water - they were out.  They had two kinds of beer, so I had a beer.  It took several seconds to drink the first beer.  Ahhh, cold drinks !! How I had missed you.  No leaches either.

Back on the Train heading for Cochrane, we had to pay for our tickets in cash in the Entertainment car.  When Carl went to pay, River water streamed off his bills.  It was not the first time the cashier had seen wet cash.  We spent the next six hours of a 4.5 hour trip in the Entertainment car.  I had assumed someone had moved Cochrane that was why it took so long to get there.

Finally, in Cochrane, Terry, Johnny Bait, met the Train.  Handed me my Van key and got a brief account of our adventures.  Terry was also meeting two other canoeists.  After a few stories, Terry ran off to his hot date.  Vanna was happy to see me.  We loaded the Canoes and gear half ass because right at midnight the Parking Lot lights went out.  We tried to tie down the canoes by flashlight - not good

We drove across the street to the hotel.  Got a couple of rooms, but NO food.  There is NO food in Cochrane after midnight.  So, beer and chips for supper.  A shower - no horseflies, and bed.