Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #12)

Sun ...sunlight ...the sunshine ...sunny and warm and a breeze from the south.  This does not feel right.  I am sure something will fall from the sky and strike us down.

Despite my pessimism, it was a beautiful, warm, breezy morning and sunny all day.  We even got an early start ...well early for us - 09:30.  We actually planned an early start and this was the best we could do.

We also changed canoeing partners.  Dave and Carl.  Todd and I.

Spent a lot of the day zigzagging again.  Probably another 40 km day.  Boulder fields, shoals, dry swifts, and more than a few drag overs.  Another day of only our feet and the bottom half of our legs getting wet.  Something odd was happening regarding this staying dry thing - I was beginning to heal.  After all the cuts, scrapes, dents, bruises, and new body holes I had accumulated during the first week, this staying "in" the canoe was causing me to heal.  It did not seem natural.

Despite the lack of water, we did manage to find a short rapid near the end of the day.  After dragging ourselves through the initial swift, there was a sharp 90-degree turn at a rock face and down a quick rapid.  The waves were high enough to come into the front of the canoe.  That got the heart racing.

The trees were changing.  Most of the deciduous trees were gone.  Now 99% evergreens and they were changing too.  Gone were the "Christmas tree" shapes.  The evergreens were narrow, more pencil like in shape, and beginning to get shorter.  The forty foot trees were well behind us.

I saw a shark jump out of the water in front of me.  It was black with a pure white belly and about 2 1/2 feet long.  A shark - reference material: "A Shark's Tale" by Dream Works.  Hey, I get all my science facts from cartoons.  I saw a three-foot pike too.

No official Campsite again.  We found a grassy area on a rock bed. 

Carl did the dishes ??  Not well, but he did them.  Todd and I had to either take Carl's dishes away from him or talked him into washing his dishes on at least three occasions.  He went two or three days without washing his dishes at a time !!  Carl was already the weakness link, we did not need him to have food poisoning too.

After getting over the initial shock of Carl doing dishes, I asked Carl to bring up water for putting out the campfire.  He agreed.  Carl brought up an inch of water in the pot.  An inch of water?  It took three buckets of water to put out the fire properly ...what the hell were we going to do with an inch?

I tried bathing again.  I waited until the horseflies seemed to be done for the day <strong>- they were not.</strong> A cloud of horseflies followed me into the water.  I tried to take Dave's advice and keep my head dry until the end, but I failed.  After swatting my face for the second time with a wet hand, the swarm attacked.  A blanket of horseflies formed on my face, so under the water I went, then as quickly into the smoke of the campfire as I could manage.  I was covered in bites.  Todd and Dave were quite entertained and amused by my flopping around in the water ...nice.

Another mosquito tonight.  Another campfire doused with three buckets of water !!  And an inch.