A video call from Santa - from Portable North Pole (PNP)

We had an early Christmas gift delivered to the house from our friends at Portable North Pole (PNP).  

The gift included the Do-Good Elf, the Twenty Four Sleeps 'til Christmas book and access to a personalized Video Message from Santa and the crew at the workshop up north!

We've incorporated Hudson's video into the latest episode of Hudson's Haul: 

I am impressed by the cinematic quality of the video!  They've created a rich and authentic world upon which to build a customized experience.  Having Santa be able to speak to Hudson by name, know his age, and be able to reference pictures from our real life made this a magical experience.  The build-up to a reveal when Hudson could have been on either the "Nice List" or "Naughty List" had him on the edge of his seat.

We will make a new annual tradition of creating a personalized PNP video every year!  This up-close look at the inner workings of the North Pole village is such a treat.

The Elf was immediately given the name "Snowflake" and has been a constant companion for Hudson this week.  She even came to watch Hudson perform at his school Christmas concert.

Finally, I really appreciate that Portable North Pole donates 5% of all online sales to children's hospitals around the world. PNP has donated over $300,000 since 2012.