Baby Swing

Our friends and family were incredibly generous at Susie's baby shower.   We received an unbelievable amount of gifts and clothing that we continue to use on a daily basis, even while Hudson is nine months old.

My plan, is to share my thoughts and insights into which of these items turned out to be absolute live without pieces and which we wouldn't recommend for other families in the future.  

I thought I'd kick things off with:

This particular item was a shower gift from my Aunt and cousins and was actually one of the very first gifts that we received because it was shipped to the house before the shower.

This is truly one of those items that we could not have lived without at certain phases during Hudsons life to this point.  

We don't consider Hudson to have been a difficult infant. Many parents experience a child that is absolutely inconsolable for hours and hours at a time, but Hudson always had a way to be soothed. Holding an infant and rocking with an infant, while those tasks don't sound all that difficult, become exhausting when required for hours and hours on end.

This swing, with its various speed settings, and multiple swing angle options, made for the perfect resting place for Hudson to fall asleep.  Since Hudson was a preemie, he was a little small for the swing at first and we substituted with a bouncer, which I will review on a different date.  

Around his actual due date, he settled in with the swing beautifully. It was great, it was like having a set it and forget it machine to care for your baby. We could strap him in and do housework, prepare meals, vacuum the floors, whatever and he would simply look on and eventually fall sleep.

As he got a little older, the toy tray came into play. This accessory is great because it not only allows you to add toys on a flat surface, but it comes with a few toys of its own which he can't grab and fling to the far corners of the room.

This item would definitely be a repurchase if we were to go to the beginning and do this whole thing again.   

From a size perspective, Hudson still fits in the swing. But, one of the other measurements as to whether or not your child can use this toy is their ability to get out of it. Hudson can no longer be left alone unsupervised with this toy because, as wriggly as he is, I've caught him having gotten most of the way out of the seat several times.

It's had a great run and it looks great in our living room, but sadly I feel our time with this toy/tool has almost come to an end. From a workmanship standpoint, I believe that a single purchase of the swing will last a family planning to have as many kids as they like. For us, as we've always said, it's one and done.