First Blood

The first year of a young man's life is all about firsts, most of which are things to celebrate, such as first step, first word, first wave.

Last night, unfortunately, Hudson had to experience one of the firsts that really suck. He experienced first blood.

I never really thought about what that could mean or how that could make him or me feel, but I think I was more traumatized by it than he was.  

Hudson was very early wanting to stand on his own. The adjunct to that was a sort of shimmying that would see him making his way around the living room fairly quickly while holding onto the couches and coffee table. He's fallen on his butt a number of times but always managed to land relatively soft.

Last night, was not unlike any other, But somehow he managed to smack his chin or upper gums on the coffee table. Our coffee table is wrapped in a nice soft cushioning leather, but it was enough to open a small cut on his gums.  

Seeing my little boy with a mouthful of blood just broke my heart. Susie and I consoled him and held him and soon enough he stopped crying but was still bleeding in his mouth.  Once the bleeding stopped, we gave him a popsicle and he went about having a great night.

At least first blood is out of the way.