First Impressions

I've been on a 4 month parental leave for only two days and there are a few patterns that I've noticed already.  

First of all, the days seem to go by much faster at home than while at work.  I'm not sure if it's Hudson distracting me or if I'm just filling my day up, but the past few days have just flown by.

The daytime is awesome for getting around and shopping. There is not a soul on the highway or in stores. It amazes me that anything is even open. I had a grocery store completely to myself late this morning.

The downside to this convenience is that it becomes extraordinarily easy to spend money. I really need to adjust to not having the luxury of an income, particularly given that it takes weeks or months for EI to kick in. Fortunately, between my wife going back to work and my having war-chested a little going in, I'm still feeling good about finances.

And, finally, I've realized that there is most certainly something to this "mommy-brain" that I've been hearing so much about.  I always figured that it had to be something to do with hormones, but now I realize it's more about distraction. Having to be concerned with all of the little things that go along with a baby is more than a little overwhelming.  I've never had to double back for stuff more frequently than the past two days. I actually left all of my purchases behind at a Shoppers Drug Mart and made it out of the parking lot before realizing what I had done.