At the end of April 2010 we added a new member to the Adelgreene clan.  Her name is Olive and she is a beautiful little tabby.

Susie had been wanting to get a kitten pretty much since moved in together, but I have always had allergies to cats.  Earlier this year, Susie's sister found her perfect feline companion in Olive's brother and, after a few weeks of knowing that there was a runt kitten that needed a home I broke down and called the owner.

What I did not do was tell Susie that we were getting a kitten.  I told her that I had a surprise for her and, for some reason, she assumed that I had gotten her a bicycle so I knew that she had no idea.

We went to meet Olive together.  She was such a cute little furr-ball!

It took her a few days to come to terms with her new home, but we were happy to find out that she was already litter trained.  The other thing that we learned very quickly was that she is very affectionate.  She loves to play and she loves to cuddle.

The odd thing was that she didn't purr.  It was probably three days before we heard her purring for the first time.  It wasn't for me, and it wasn't for Susie.  It was for Lacey, who was cleaning her thoroughly.  By the time she was done, Olive was soaked through and through ... She looked just like a gremlin.

Olive is the bravest animal I have ever met.  She has no fear of dogs or people, and absolutely no fear of heights.  The first time she climbed up on our screen door I was shocked, but now it's common to find her walking along a one inch railing around our balcony.  Of course, it scares the hell out of us.

The other day Susie was looking for Olive and it turns out that she was sitting on top of the air conditioner on the outside of our kitchen on the third floor of our stacked townhouse.  There's barely enough room for her to fit through the gap but, sure enough, there she was sitting 40 feet in the air as comfortable as can be.

She loves to sit in front of computer screens.  I'm not sure if it's the warmth, or if it's just her picking a place where she knows that she will be the centre of attention, but she keeps walking on laptop keyboards.  Somehow she always manages to step on "Return" and "Tab" over and over, which means that she has renamed almost everything on both of our desktops at least once.

At first I was sure it was the heat, but now she climbs on my chest every time I lay down on my back with my iPad in my hands as well.  I'm almost convinced that she's sitting where she'll get the most attention.

I know that there is no way a cat could possibly understand how to work a computer.  The very thought seems a ridiculous notion.  The weird thing is that I don't understand how a cat could possibly find and play Jason Mraz on iTunes on several different machines.  I even deleted Jason Mraz from my library entirely and she managed to start a movie that I had never seen before that had Jason Mraz singing the opening credits.

Now, Olive is almost 2 years old and she is already a little bigger than her mother, who we met when we picked her up.  We're hoping that she doesn't grow much more ... She's perfect right now.