Our Kid, the Model

I'm not exactly sure how this whole process started. Susie came to me one day and just said "he's in ... our son is going to be a model!".

She showed me the portfolio of pictures that had been chosen and sent in with her preliminary application and the email that indicated Hudson had been selected for an in person information session.

We were told that the information session would be held with a number of the candidates they were considering bringing on as young talent and that some, if not many, of the kids would be sent home without a contract based on who they thought to get the most work.

Since Susie is back at work and has full days Monday to Friday 9 to 5, it was up to me to take Hudson to this session. It was a little surreal. We walked into a room with about 30 people representing about 20 kids and l take our seats around the outside edges of the room.   First, our formal information kits were collected which included our signed application as well as a short photo portfolio of pictures for our children.  

Next those information kits were taken to another room by other agents to be reviewed while we attended the information session. At the end of the session, which lasted 45 minutes, the main agent once again came into the room with two piles. She told us the first pile would be the children that, for whatever reason, they would not be offering modelling contracts to.

This announcement stirred up quite a bit of commotion in the room as parents prepared to hear the destiny of their children. As we waited to see who made it and who didn't make it, some the parents began to chitchat. The mother on my right mentioned how this experience was so exciting, while the father on my left explained how he felt this felt just like being in gym class and hoping to be picked on the cool team.

Unfortunately, both the mother and the father were handed back the application kits for their children. In fact, I would guess that about half of the second-round picks all got cut that day.

At the end of the meeting, Hudson was offered a contract to be represented as a model by Kamera Kids, a division of Sutherland Models.