Parental Leave

Susie decided to return to work after being home with our son, Hudson, for 8 months.

That left me in a unique situation, namely being able to take the last 4 months of the parental leave. Not many men do these types of leave, however, I've heard nothing but support from everyone, encouraging me to make the decision to stay home.

I woke up this morning to be informed that today was "swimming lessons".  I literally jumped right into being a home-dad by leaping into the pool. It turns out that I don't remember the words to some of the requisite kids' songs.

I mumbled my way through "happy and you know it" and "twinkle twinkle" while playing some water games to get the kids used to the water.   We also learned a little first aid for infants so the class was really quite valuable.

The afternoon will see a well-deserved nap for the little boy and dad looking into what kinds of house work can be done.