Personal Space

If you were to ask most of the people that I know whether I am an introvert or an extravert, you would, overwhelmingly hear "extravert" from almost everybody.  From my actions and the way that I treat people in most social situations I can most certainly see why they would have that impression.

Many folks think of introversion and extraversion as a sliding scale where you end up on one side of center or the other, but I like to think of introversion and extraversion more along Carl Jung's philosophy where each individual has both introverted and extraverted characteristics that become more or less pronounced based on the social situation.

I also like the definition that considers not the outgoing traits of what can be perceived by others as introversion and extraversion, but rather where internally you as a person derive your energy.

The only way for me to recharge is to be alone.  While I am alone I organize my thoughts.  I consider my options and I make my plans.  I feel like I can only be my best when I have time to myself, undistracted to focus on whatever makes sense for me at the time.  Sometimes, it helps me to write.  Other times, it helps me to shoot enemies in a video game.  

The winter is tough because I find that I have far fewer opportunities to be alone.  In the other seasons I can always just jump on my motorcycle and ride.  Or I can go out and play golf, where it's mostly just me and my thoughts walking around in the woods.

Being off with Hudson, I have the unique opportunity to try out some new and different activities during the day and it has really started to pay off in spades.  We've been out hiking, exploring parts of the city that we've never been, stopped at places that I never would have stopped before, and been able to get things done like never before.

Of course, I'm not exactly alone when I'm with Hudson, but he isn't exactly a world class conversationalist quite yet.  While we're out and about he is either looking around at everything to see or sleeping so it really is like having time to myself.

I can tell already that this phase won't last long, but I'm feeling more centered and grounded than ever right now.