Stupid Spring

The weather turned on this this week. Since late winter we had been enjoying a beautiful warm season.  Now it's full on back to late winter / early spring.

For a little boy, whose job it is at such a young age to explore and see as much as he can see, this colder weather absolutely sucks.

On warm days, we've been able to get out and travel around town.  We've been to the park, we've been out for runs, we've been out hiking, and we've had plenty of opportunities to sit in the grass and sit on rocks.

We've had plenty of opportunities to field new things and see new things and it's been really easy to keep Hudson's mind active.  

Unfortunately, this colder weather has had a stuck indoors. We tried going out to malls but there's only so much one can buy.  

We need to figure out some sort of system for keeping ourselves entertained indoors.