T-Zone - 30 Day Challenge - Half way

Here we are at the half way point in the T-Zone challenge.

Today was the first time to actually take measurements since before getting on the T-Zone VT-15 for the first time.  I can't even believe it, but there are already results to share.  

I want to specify that we have purposefully not changed our diet for the duration of the challenge.  Also, we haven't changed our respective overall physical regimes.  Susie is continuing her schedule of spinning and personal training while I am otherwise relatively sedentary.

There is no real benefit to my weight on the scale through this process (i.e. I'm actually up 1.5 lbs after 2 weeks), but there is a noticeable difference to how well my pants fit.  I know better than to share details about my lady's weight, no matter how proud of her I am!

The other measurements that we are comparing throughout the challenge are: Waist, Hips, and Thigh.  After 14 days, I am down five combined inches and Susie is down four combined inches.  Of course, she isn't pleased that her number isn't as large as mine. I'm pretty sure that, since her body is used to a high level of almost daily activity, my higher change from the start reflects simply my complete lack of activity from before the challenge.

Take a look at the latest video ... We are chatting with Roland about our results and trying some new camera techniques!