T-Zone - 30 Day Challenge - Results

This is the end of the 30-Day Challenge.  

So, we've come to the end of the T-Zone 30 day challenge.

As you will remember, Susie and I had a bit of a disagreement about whether or not whole body vibration wouldn't make any difference whatsoever when added to your daily routine.  She was firmly in the believers camp while I was extremely skeptical as to whether the technology would make any difference whatsoever.

The only way to determine who was right and who was wrong was to have a challenge.  Susie was to do a full workout on the machine every day for 30 days while My role, as skeptic, was to simply stand on the machine every day for 10 minutes.

We made no changes whatsoever to our otherwise eating and exercise regimes.  That said, Susie works out regularly, 4 to 5 times per week for at least 60 minutes.  I, on the other hand, don't work out at all.

When it comes to eating, Susie has a regimented diet that she follows whereas I don't follow any sort of diet at this time.  

If you've been keeping up with this story, you will remember that, after two weeks, I was down 5 inches across the areas that we measured, but Susie was only down 4 inches and she was a little upset at my progress being better than hers.

Well, the final results are in.  At the end of four weeks, I continue to be down 5 inches across those same areas. Susie, on the other hand, has continued to see success, netting a total of just over 9 inches lost in the key areas that we measured.

My best guess, is that the vibration technology works really well to tone and tighten the muscles in the single area that I was activating by standing on the machine with the pelvic tilt.  It looks like, I got all of the benefits of standing on the machine in the first two weeks.  I would guess that my muscles got used to those contractions and relaxations and I would have needed to change something in order to continue seeing results.  Although, I must admit, they're definitely does feel like there has been additional benefits in areas that we did not measure.  For example, my pants fit looser. Not just in the waist, but throughout the seat and in the legs.

Susie's experience has been different than mine. She saw the 4 inch results after two weeks but then saw an acceleration in her results, netting in the total of over 9 inches by the end of the challenge.  That makes a lot of sense to me given that she was causing quite a bit of muscle confusion by doing all kinds of different exercises and varying her routine day by day.

At this point there are two things that need to happen.  First, I need to formally and publicly admit that my wife was right and I was wrong in that whole body vibration technology does make a difference.

Second, now that I've seen what kind of difference this technology makes, I need to take advantage of it properly rather than just simply standing on the machine.