T-Zone - The 30 Day Chllenge

Over the past few years my wife, Susie, and I have had an ongoing debate about the value of vibration technology to a workout regime. She actually went so far as to buy a schedule of personal training appointments at a studio that featured the Power Plate technology. After a fairly significant investment, I convinced her to stop going because she wasn't seeing any difference in her results than she had seen simply following her own gym routine.

The debate was reopened recently when we ran into a good friend of ours, Roland, who is now working for T-Zone Whole Body Vibration. He explained how T-Zone actually uses a different sort of technology than Power Plate, in that the machine actually oscillates rather than simply vibrating up and down. This machine's motion actually mimics a more natural human movement, such as walking, so that your body reacts with a quick series of muscle contractions that it is used to having in the first place.

We heard Roland's explanation of how the technology works and, of course, Susie was suddenly back on board with vibration technology. I reminded her about how she wasted money on the Power Plate training sessions and I shared the story of her previous experience with Roland. I also, respectfully, described my feelings about vibration technology on the whole.


Roland had a unique suggestion. He happened to have a machine available and suggested a challenge. He would put the T-Zone VT-15 in our living room for 30 days. Susie could use the machine for the full suggested workout and I could simply stand on the machine for 10 minutes per day (He jokingly suggested that I could stand on it while eating a cheeseburger every day ... I'm planning to take that a bit literally for a little fun!). At the end of the 30 days, we would be able to compare a number of measurements that we would take before and after the challenge and prove definitively whether Susie's faith in the technology was sound, or if my scepticism was rightly placed.

Susie is an avid gym rat who works out regularly. Between spinning, personal training, swimming, and running, she works out at least 4-5 times per week. I am more of a weekend warrior who considers himself to be an athlete based on years of participating in sports.

We decided that this would make a fun project for the blog so we've planned for a series of posts and accompanying videos of our experiences. As of today, we have taken our preliminary measurements and gotten a tutorial from Roland about how to use the machine. Susie has defined what her workout routine looks like and I have learned the proper technique for standing on the machine. (i.e. clench your butt cheeks and tilt your hips forward)

Check out the first of our series of videos below, but please forgive our son who has just discovered his voice. Actually, this is a very realistic look into our lives with the baby and dogs making cameos and multiple iPhones and blackberries going off constantly. Kudos to Roland for keeping a straight and professional demeanour despite all of the distractions going on!