The Three Stroller System

If someone would've said to me before Hudson was born that I would see a need for three strollers, I would've called them crazy.

I've done I'll lots of research when it comes to strollers. I know the different brands, I know the different styles, and I know the different uses for which a stroller is beneficial.

The good news, for us, is that we haven't had to pay full price for any of our strollers.  Susie's father very generously gave us the gift of our travel system, which includes a stroller bassinet, car seat, and travel bag.  The other two strollers I was fortunate enough to find on Kijiji for significant savings.

The components of our system are:

The travel system is incredibly important because it is comprised of a car seat that can easily be placed on the stroller base from the car while the baby is sleeping. Orbit Baby is an awesome system, specifically because of the unique locking mechanism that allows you to rotate the seat both in the car (for easy loading and unloading) and in the stroller (to use as an Ad hoc high chair anywhere).

The umbrella stroller is a must-have anytime you will be having your baby in tight situations, such as department stores or trade shows.  We chose the Volo because of its incredible light weight and compact design.  Also, it doesn't hurt that it's a pretty snappy looking little outfit!

The running stroller is dual purpose. First, as you would expect, it's great for running!  It is very manoeuvrable and the perfect weight with a side of just the right kinds of adjustments available to customize the experience.  Second, because of the large wheels, this is the perfect stroller to take off the road. Whether it's in the park or on the hiking trail, Hudson gets a nice smooth ride.