Three Adventures

Yesterday was a day with not two adventures, but three.  

We had doctors appointments at both 9am and 1pm, then we went for a hike with Uncle Bone in the late afternoon.

The biggest benefit of adding a third adventure, was the added nap that Hudson was inclined to take during the daytime. This translated into one of the best nights of sleep that we've had to date.

And the hike adventure was awesome.  We went out to Scarborough Bluffs and walked for probably 5km. It was only about 22 minutes from home and it was amazing how it felt like we were in a different city entirely.

Hudson really had no interest in being in the stroller until we got to some of the rougher patches of the trail. When it got bumpy he was thrilled ... he was singing constantly to hear the vibration in his own voice.

Hudson was asleep by 8 PM and we got a full 12 hours sleep again last night.  Now, we are ready to face the day!