Weird Day

Yesterday was a weird day.

It didn't have to do with Hudson, he was actually about as normal as he's ever been.

We got out of the house and we got a few things done in the morning, which was great. Later in the morning, we drove our friends to the airport. That's when it seemed to go downhill for me.

Traffic on the way back downtown was heavy, I was hungry, Hudson was miserable having been in the car for 45 minutes or so. I was just trying to keep Hudson quiet and drive home but nothing seemed to satisfy him so he just wailed and wailed. I grab some drive-through to satisfy my hunger and they gave Hudson a few french fries to play with. He wasn't really able to eat them but to have something to hold was enough to quiet him for more for part of the time.

The whole rest of the day I was in a sort of funk. I was exhausted, I was lethargic, I spent most of the day lying on Hudson's play mat's and playing with him.

I had absolutely no motivation to tidy up or get all the housework I've been procrastinating with done. Nothing.

I just played on a mat like a suck who hadn't gotten his way.

When Susie came home she could tell that I just wasn't feeling it that day.  She asked me what was wrong and, of course, I said nothing.

She proceeded to explain to me how she felt on some of the days that she was stuck at home while on maternity leave. At the time, I found even that to be annoying but, in retrospect, she pretty much summed up exactly how I was feeling that afternoon.

She made a number of suggestions to get up, out of the house, go outside, walk around, and just be somewhere that wasn't in the living room and I simply wouldn't have it.

I realize now that she was probably right. I need to give her more credit for the experience that she's had to date. After all, she does have a ton more experience at this than I do.