What's in the box?

Being home with a little boy means that you're constantly in each other's companionship. For the few times during the day that we must be separated out of necessity, there has to be a strategy for coping with that separation.

I mostly lean on distraction to keep him happy while I run off to do simple tasks, such as go to the washroom.

He is usually happy enough for about 3 to 5 minutes and then I need to brush off whatever I was doing and hurry back to him.

Today, however, was a different story I dropped him in his crib as I usually would. Then I busied myself with the tasks that were at hand and he didn't become upset for a full 15 minutes.  

This time, instead of handing him a toy or two as a distraction I picked up the entire box of toys and put the whole box in his crib. This is the scene that I came back to:

By the time I had returned he had managed to take every single toy out of that box and throw 80% of them on the floor. It was giggling like a maniac what I wanted to check on him because he'd himself climbed into the box.