You Know You're a Dad When ...

Every day or two it's time for Hudson to have a bath.  We have a routine where we jump into the tub together and play with a whole miscellany of toys that he's been given, then I wash his hair and give him a good rinse before letting him get back to playing.

Some days, I can rely on Mom to help with the drying phase, which allows me to actually clean myself for a few minutes before getting out to dry off.  

Last night, not unlike any other day, we played, cleaned, played, and Mom was there to grab the boy and get him ready for bed.  It was then that I found myself being more of a Dad than I've ever noticed before.  Even with Hudson out of the room entirely, I still went through the toy cleanup routine that we usually go through before letting the water out.

Alone in the bathroom, I was singing: "Hello Mr Dolphin, it's time to go away"; "And you, Mr Turtle, time to spit out that water"; "And where do you think you're going Mr Crab ..." before finally realizing that I was alone.  

Strangely, I was a little embarrassed even though I was the only one there. I guess being a Dad gives license to act a little childish at times.