Trip Report - Moosonee or Bust (Part #2)

Cool but dry morning.  We were going to make miles - Dave and I made ours in the water. 

Todd and Carl became canoe partners for nine days, meaning Dave and I  were together in the other canoe.

Despite the low water issues, the water was down at least a foot, the scenery was beautiful and the River water warm.  Boulder fields were ever present, the Swifts dry, and the Rapids less than rapid add to that a strong north wind in our faces, we had to work for every foot of River.

Despite the low water flow, Dave and I lost  control in the Rapids and dumped the canoe - twice.  As soon as Todd noticed us in the water, he jumped ship and joined us.  Once the canoe is wedged against the rocks, you need to empty the canoe of its load on to dry ground, then wrestle the water filled canoe to shallow water where it can be emptied.  Reload the canoe and back on the water.

We only lost one bag that day, though it took us several days to figure out what we lost - it was the Garbage ...oh well.

Wet - we stopped early in an effort to dry out.   Dave spotted a former Park campsite and we took it.  The River had washed away the approach to the Site, so you had to climb the Bank to get to the Site.   Being the tallest, I stood at the bottom of the Bank to past up the gear, I  asked Carl to stand at the top and I would pass the gear up to him.  I grabbed the first bag turned and Carl was gone - Carl was looking at the trees, his fingers, or maybe his toes ...whatever Carl does when he is in Carl land.  I was  NOT impressed.

<span style="font-size: small;">It started to  rain - perfect.  We got the Tarp up, then the wet Tents under the Tarp, clothes lines, and us.  Not much drying that night.  Dave and I discovered that cameras do not like being underwater and you cannot depend on Zip Lok bags.  (I had to pour the water out of my battery compartment.)  Though my MP3 player worked great.

So the wetness begins!