Letters to my Son

I've been writing to my son since he was an infant.  

A typical lounging day for Hudson.

A typical lounging day for Hudson.

While I was growing up, I lost my father, and I've lived the rest of my life wondering about the kind of person that he was.  What would he have thought about things that are important to me?  Where would he stand on issues that matter to me?  How would he have handled things that I've faced?  What advice would he have had for me in specific situations?

Don't get me wrong; I had a 'Dad'.  JD Greene married my mother and adopted me as his own when I was eight years old.  He was a great role model, particularly when I became a Dad myself.   

When Hudson was born, I got to thinking about my role in his life.  I thought about what kind of father I wanted to be and how I wanted to be available to him through the important parts of his life.  I started a project where I found myself chronicling my thoughts, feelings, and future advice that I would have for him, in case something ever happened to me and I wouldn't be able to do so myself.  

The content is truly stream of consciousness writing with sharp breaks between categories.  The letters are mostly put together in a manner that makes sense, but sometimes stories are told from different perspectives.  Some sections have been edited over time with new perspectives because, as Hudson ages, I'm learning, he's learning, and the kinds of things that I think are important evolve along the way.  

I've written hundreds of thousands of words and had given instructions to two of my closest confidants where to find and how to access the entirely if anything ever happened to me.  Their instructions are to deliver the incomplete work to Hudson when he turns 18.  

Some of it is more personal than I expect I would ever be comfortable sharing in a blog environment, but some are fun and interesting enough that I would like to publish it.  I will be deploying an infrequent series called: 'Letters to my Son' that includes some of this content, starting with this post.  Maybe one day, I will put them all together as a book for him to have as a keepsake.

In the meantime, stand by for the beginning of what is shaping up to be a weekly series to get started.

Thanks for reading!