Co-Sleeping - I'm never doing it!


As long as I can remember I've talked shit about people who bring their kids to bed with them. It just didn't make sense to me. I thought it was weird. Why would you want to do that? Cru was great at sleeping in his bed. Every night 8-10 hrs. I kept thinking there's no way we're bringing this kid in our bed. 

So, fast forward to when Cru is 17 months old, and I find myself in North Bay visiting my mom for a 3-night stay. My wife is not with us; she's away working out of town. The four hr trip with just one parent is another story/nightmare altogether. I kept our bed time routine the same. Bath, story, cuddle, bed. I even had our owl nightlight with the white noise. 11 pm Cru wakes up crying. I rock him, put him back down, still not sleeping. I try that like five more times. Fuck it; I'm tired. I lay him beside me in the bed; he stops crying, we both fall asleep. Its official, I'm one of those people that sleep with their kids. The next morning I wake up to Cru playing with my face. Over breakfast I tell my mom. "guess who slept with me last night" she just shakes her head. She says "let him cry; he'll be fine." I didn't listen to my mom at 10; I'm not starting now at 38. Something about my little guy crying that makes me want to go in and save the day. Plus I'm lazy. So the next two nights are the same. Cru wakes up around 11 pm. I bring him in with me, and we both have a great sleep. And you know what? I'm gonna say it ... I liked it. Something about having my little buddy cuddled up to me felt good. His warm little body, his little heart beat, his little snores. I found myself playing with his hair and kissing his neck and arms.  

On the 4 hour ride home between Cru's naps, and the latest Splash and Boots album, I think I'll have to tell Eva that we slept together. Oh, No! She's going to be pissed. But forget that "Why all of a sudden was he getting up in the middle of the night?" and "Was the three nights we slept together gonna screw up the routine at home?". 

This is what I've come up with: The room at my mom's place is super dark, and cold, and kinda scary if you are 1 and a half years old. Plus, it's filled with toys. Of course, he's not gonna sleep. Who could sleep knowing all these awesome trucks and motorcycles and dinky cars are just feet from your bed? 


I tell Eva. Her reaction; "Why did you start that?  Now he's never gonna sleep on his own." She took it pretty well though. That night, I bring him into our bed after we tried for an hour to get him to sleep. I put him in the middle of us and close my eyes. For the next five mins, I hear kissing noises. Eva's kissing Cru and loving him up. This, coming from the women that said: "Now he's never gonna sleep on his own." At some point I say to her, stop kissing on him so we can get some rest. 

It's been 30 days of Cru sleeping with us in our bed. 30 days of me telling Eva to stop kissing on Cruzy. I'm not sure who likes it more. Eva or Cru. I'm trying to convince Eva to get Cru out of the crib and into a big boy bed. I figure at least if he gets up in the middle of the night, one of us could lay with him in a twin bed, and when he falls asleep, we could sneak out. Eva-instant tears. She's obviously not ready for him out of the crib or is it out of our bed.