Encouraging the young photographer

Hudson taking photos with the DSLR at a baby shower.

Hudson taking photos with the DSLR at a baby shower.

Since we are always pulling out a camera either for taking pictures or shooting videos, Hudson has shown a keen interest in taking on a role behind a camera.  Since we have our older Lumix, he is now a man with a camera.  First lessons were more about how to take care of and hold a camera.  I've set him up in "Auto" mode to score some easy wins.  We will take some time this summer to play around with aperture and shutter speed so that he knows the basics of creating effects like stopping motion or getting a nice blurry background. 

The Lumix is no slouch of a camera with 16 MP, 3x optical zoom, and an 8GB SD card for memory.  It has full shutter priority, aperture priority, manual, and custom modes so her can learn everything he needs to know about photography with this one device. 

The only reason we aren't using it as our family every day camera is that the video, while 720p, is not great quality and, while there is a microphone, the sound is tinny and dirty.

So far, we have gone on a few photo missions and initiated a couple of projects that we will update here.  First, we will be travelling to as many Toronto Parks as possible to take pictures of the park identification signs. Second, we will be creating a collection of street graffiti.

We will be posting a series of galleries to share our progress.

 Check out his first album: https://adobe.ly/2FSyWB3