Hooky Day

Every once in a while, you need to step back and take a day to get out of your routine and reset.  You need to put all of your obligations and everyone’s expectations of you aside and do something for yourself.  


This week, it was Hudson who needed that break.  Between his Mom being away for a week and me keeping him up way past bedtime for a showing of Infinity Wars, he woke up absolutely zonked and feeling emotional and anxious one morning.  

I am fortunate enough to work for an employer that offers a nice little benefit called an “emergency” day.  It’s there for just such occasions when you need to drop everything and handle something personally.  It’s perfect for the unexpected moments that life throws at you.  I tapped into one of these days to give Hudson a day of full attention and flexibility.

We went back to sleep.  We made a great breakfast.  We walked our dog, well, he walked our dog while I trailed behind them.  We played at our local park.  And we made a delicious lunch together.     

After lunch, we decided to head over to High Park in Toronto to see if the Cherry Trees were blossoming yet.  Oddly, as we were leaving, he commented that we would be about 3 hours.  I didn’t think much about it at the time, but he was right, almost to the minute.   

We brought along our cameras to capture some of our day: