After losing Niamhe last week Susie and I were devastated.  What we didn't immediately consider was how much our younger dog, Lacey, would be affected by losing her lifelong companion.  

After almost 8 years of constant companionship, Lacey has had as much of a change in her life as the rest of us.  To keep her mind off of things, we decided to take her on a little getaway in lieu of our planned excursion to California.

We called it Laceypalooza.  It was three days of doing all kinds of new things in all kinds of new places.  She loved it and came home completely exhausted.


We knew we wanted to go away for Monday to Wednesday of this week and we knew that we wanted to be able to drive a reasonable distance so we turned to Trip Advisor.  The top result for our search of "pet-friendly" B&Bs was Green Woods Inn in Kingston.  A quick call and hosts Tessa & Nigel knew to expect us.  Tessa even suggested that we take a drive through Prince Edward County on the way to get a bit more flavour than the 401 would usually offer since we weren't in a hurry.

On the way out we stopped plenty as we drove the coast of Lake Ontario.  Our original vacation saw us landing in San Diego before driving the coast of CA on our way to celebrate the wedding of some friends in Santa Barbara so Toronto to Kingston became the California coast of the East.  We went from flirting with being at the B&B before check in to needing to call ahead to arrange a late arrival.  

Since we knew it was getting late, and since we were riding the Taste Trail, we decided to do a French style dinner of cold meats, cheeses, wine, bread, and fruit.  We were able to get everything we needed on the way to Kingston.  On arrival, it was easy to see why  Green Woods Inn was rated the top choice for us.  The grounds and house were beautifully maintained and the hosts were as gracious as can be.  We got settled and picnicked with Lacey on the floor of the room while watching our home TV via Slingbox on the iPad.

In the morning we had a delicious breakfast of a fruit plate, followed by Eggs Benedict, served with a home cured salsa crostini and a sauteed mushroom crostini.  We headed downtown Kingston with no real plan or direction and found ourselves wandering the waterfront before hitting the shops on Princess street.  

Just before lunch, we found out that the traffic was being diverted from the 401 because of an accident.  Every car, truck and transport were being forced through the city ... and most of them straight down Princess St.  Few were stopping so the sidewalks were not all that busy, but it meant that a return to the B&B would take hours of frustrating traffic.  A random gentleman explained the situation to me and told me that if he were me, he would find a shaded patio and have some drinks to pass the time.

I concurred and found Susie on the dog-friendly patio of Chez Piggy.  We settled in and made it clear to our server that we intended to stay a while.  We had a great lunch and lots of fun with our server Kait, who looked just like Sheryl Hines.  We decided that, since we were trapped downtown, we would do a little more shopping and find some outfits for dinner so that we could return and continue the fun at Chez Piggy for dinner.  

Sadly, Kait was sent home early, but the Chez Piggy team did not disappoint.  It seemed that everyone already knew about Laceypalooza and Lacey got tonnes of extra attention.  

After another delicious breakfast at Green Woods (yoghurt with fruit, followed by fresh crepes) we bade our hosts farewell with promises to return and hit the road.  We could have headed straight home, but instead went back across the ferry to Prince Edward County to follow the Taste Trail west across the top of the county.  A quick snack at Buddha Dog in Picton gave us the energy to explore and find Lacey Estates winery for some great photo opportunities.

The soundtrack for the video is the two songs that seemed to be on the radio every time we hopped in the car.