Apple Watch

She did it for 100 straight days!

Susie tracks her progress every single day using the Apple Watch activity app, and completing the “Active Calories” ring as a benchmark for success each day.

She noticed that, on days that she was paying attention and motivated, she would close the ring, but on days that she didn’t watch it, she could be well under.

As someone who goes to up to three different gyms on a given week, anyone that knows her will tell you that she is a very active person.

I was fascinated seeing the shift in her being motivated to hit that goal each day.  At first, she would try to hit it on random individual days.  Then, she would hit small streaks and remark: “Can you believe I’ve hit this goal every day for a week?”

Then, in June of this year, there was a twist. After a missed day, she decided to hit that active calories goal every day ... for 100 days, no matter what.  It seemed like an achievable goal, but it would require focus.

On gym days, she would be most of the way there, but on the few days per week that she wasn’t scheduled for a big boost of activity, what then?

She challenged herself to hit the Apple Watch Active Calorie goal of 600 calories every day.  I, in turn, challenged her to make a quick vlog-style entry each day to tell the story and capture the experience.  This video is the result of her work:

I am so incredibly proud of her for setting and achieving this goal.  When you consider that it takes time to form a habit, you can really see her hit her stride around day 82 in the video.  

I am inspired. 

Since Susie started this project, I have been working out more, walking more, and generally more active.  I just looked at my Apple Watch history and I've hit the last 6 consecutive days, so I've bumped my target up as well.