The Coolest Artwork Ever

When we got married in 2009, Susie's sisters gave us a gift in the form of a certificate entitling us to have artwork developed based on our own DNA.

The process was easy enough. The company, DNA11, sent us a swab kit.  We just swabbed the inside of our cheeks and returned the sample to them in Ottawa and they did the rest.

We decided to create a single canvas that had both of our DNA together. This single piece combines a part of each of us, much the same as the act of marriage.  It really was the perfect gift.  We've proudly showcased this piece in our living room for the past two and a half years.


This year, we had a son.  Once again, Susie's sisters stepped up to the plate with a very generous gift in the form of DNA artwork from DNA11.  For this piece, we chose the same canvas mounting that we used for our original artwork.  We thought that the colour should be green, both to match his last name and to complement the red/blue of our existing artwork.

Susie is on the left in red while I am on the right in blue.  The green piece below is Hudson, our boy.

This company is great to deal with. They offer a wide variety of colours for your perusal but are more than happy to work with you to fulfil a vision. The red and blue that we chose are straight from their book of options.  In order to get the right green, they simply asked us to send in an image of the colours we were imagining. It took me a while to decide on the exact shade of green that we wanted, but a quick snap of the camera in my phone was all it took.

This wall is the artistic highlight of our home!