Surviving on Goldfish...


Recently, everything I put in front of Cru to eat, he pushes away, except for "Fishy Crackers". I've always been somewhat of a picky eater, so maybe he gets it from me.  Like some days, I'll pour him a bowl of homemade chicken and dumpling soup and he'll scarf down the whole thing. Other days, same exact soup and he will look at me like I'm a crazy person, who's trying to poison him.  Actually, getting him to eat food I make from scratch is probably one of the most satisfying things as a parent.  Seeing him gobble down a meal, really puts a smile on my face. I say to Eva "look at him, he likes it". I feel like one of those cooks on Chopped, and Cru's Geoffrey Zakarian.  I'm constantly being judged.  I could put a beautiful meal in front of him and he either loves it or tosses it. 

When we first started giving Cru solid foods, like potatoes or chicken, I would give him some sort of sauce to dip it in. I would say "dip dip" and make the action of dipping the food in the sauce. I just figured I like sauce, he's gotta like it too. Originally, we gave him a little ketchup with some homemade fries. He hated it. I put a little bbq sauce in front of him. He loved it. For the next couple months, everything had to be dipped in bbq sauce. Bullseye Bold, to be precise.  From there we went to mustard. I'm talking everything had to have mustard on it. We're dipping chicken, cheese, crackers, veggies etc...  Then, up until yesterday, tzatziki was his dip of choice.  I'm actually making it from scratch now because most of those ingredients we normally have in our fridge at all times. Plus, it's super easy.  So guess what sauce we're back to now.  You got it. Good Ol' Bullseye Bold. Dipping cucumbers last night with our dinner. 

Eva and I have a few go to's that no matter what, Cru will eat. Chicken souvlaki, bacon, and beef. Any kind of beef.  Everything else on the plate, he really has very little interest in. Ok, we have a meat eater.  The two of us should have known that was coming. All Eva craved while she was pregnant was meat. 


One meal we make pretty regularly for Cru is pasta with a meat sauce. The noodles are always a hit or miss. I've tried truck and animal shaped noodles, but at the end of the day, they always look way better before you boil them and of course, that's when he wants to eat them.  Big old freak out because I won't let him eat an uncooked hard noodle. Before Cru was born, I would make a pretty chunky sauce. Big chunks of mushrooms, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. That's how we had it growing up, that's what I'm used to. Not anymore. I still put all that stuff in there, but I blend it so he doesn't know its in there. lol. I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about. I remember the first time I tried blending. I said to Eva. "you see what I did, blended all the veggies" like I was the first person who ever thought of that. Apparently, she's been doing it too.

Some days I look back and think "what did he eat today?" 3 bites of pancakes for breakfast, no lunch, 200 goldfish crackers, a liter of watered down apple juice and half an ounce of chicken for dinner.   And today, 10 Doritos. Not even enough for a bird to survive. I was telling our neighbor Helen who also has a toddler, how Cru really is not eating much. Her response: "Let him live his life."