Susie is the Featured Athlete at Strive Life

For the 11 years that I've known my wife, she has always been a gym rat.  Unlike people that have a hard time getting off the couch, she jumps out of bed at the crack of dawn to make a morning class.  Or she squeezes in a workout at lunchtime.  Or she will sacrifice her evening to make sure that she gets a good sweat on.  

I've watched the evolution of her gym habits, including various memberships, spin classes, boxing routines, park boot camps, and exercise-based travel destinations.  

Now, her success and results are showcased on with a before and after picture as a testament to how great the team at Strive is at helping their clients to overcome plateaus and drive better results through better form and high-intensity activity.

I've had the pleasure of attending a few of their classes myself and can report that I have not only never worked harder in a fitness class, but that I have never wanted to work harder.  The instructors are fantastic motivators, but it's the system they use that prepares you for success as an athlete.

Unlike most workout classes, where you warm-up, work-out, and cool down, Strive adds a step after the warm-up that makes a world of difference.  They call it the Body Primer.  Think of it as a validation of your form for each exercise before doing it with added weight or difficulty.  By adding in this extra step, you can very quickly progress in your skill and efficiency in doing each style of activity.

Susie has become markedly better at her form in all activities because of her time at Strive.  I am incredibly proud of her accomplishments.  

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